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The idea of comes from a day trader who specializes in futures trading. He observed that the fundamental analysis
of the market - information concerning the firms, economic situation, tides of the market etc. - is not equally accessible for everybody.
In fact, although it is strictly forbidden, most profits are due to the insider knowledge.

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These observations led to creating a product
which is completely detached from general
stock exchanges and not influenced by any
of the insider messages
A product moved
only by the orders of selling and buying, being
affected by psychological rather than realistic
factors. A product that uses technical analysis
(a historical representation of the courses and
a prognosis for the future) and is therefore
much more user friendly than any information
affected market.

A product not noted at the stock
exchange and thus not weakened
by influence or manipulation. Finally,

a product you can test for
free. May I present to you

The fact that the stock exchange courses
had already been breaking 3 days before
the memorable 9/11/01 without any
considerable indication is the best proof.

Advantage is not only on the side of those who
produce information or get it before the others
do, but also on the side of big companies whose
myriads of employees analyse the huge amount
of data insanely fast. A self-trader does not
have these possibilities and although officially
he has the same information access, in truth
his financial influence on the market is limited.


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